Persuasion Secrets
Of The Richest
And Most Successful

Sales, Marketing
And Negotiation Pros
Who Ever Lived

Dear Friend,

          If you would like to learn the best-kept secrets used by history's most persuasive men, then this letter will show you how.

          Here's the scoop:

          A new eBook has been published called:

"Crackerjack Selling Secrets"

          And it reveals 101 easy and ethical ways to sell almost anything, to anyone (online or offline), without struggle, frustration or using any "black hat" nonsense. The tips inside can be used by anyone from Internet marketers and copywriters... to telemarketers, face-to-face sales pros and MLM'ers... to bloggers, speakers, and even "regular Joes" who just want to have better relationships with family and friends.

          However, this eBook is short and to the point.

          So it's not for people who judge info by page count.

          To help decide if it's for you, here are some secrets inside:
  • The pick-up artist's "instant ice-breaking" secret for getting people to like and trust you within seconds of meeting you. Page 94
  • A borderline "racist" (and even sexist) sales principle that instantly makes people more likely to buy from you. (Don't worry—there's nothing unethical or evil about this. In fact, people APPRECIATE it when you do it.) Page 48
  • The "nerd gets cheerleader" persuasion trick that makes it extremely hard for customers to resist buying from you. (Even if they didn't originally intend to!) Page 14
  • An almost unheard of way to use vicious gossip to sell more products. (Benjamin Franklin used this to get even hostile kings of enemy countries to listen to and follow his ideas while serving as a U.S. diplomat.) Page 31
  • How to "de-hype" your most powerful and outrageous product claims. (Mr. Spock often did this in the old Star Trek TV shows when persuading Captain Kirk to do something crazy.) Page 74
  • The secret of selling with your hands. (As far as I can tell, nobody in the history of mankind has ever been able to ignore a sales pitch by someone who does this with one of their hands.) Page 88
  • How to get cold prospects to EAGERLY buy even your most expensive products "sight unseen" (This was discovered years ago by a social psychologist, takes zero effort to use and is so effective, this might be the only sales "technique" you ever need!) Page 24
  • How the man once billed as "the world's greatest salesman" sold millions of dollars in products by NOT talking during his pitches. (This is PERFECT if you're introverted, shy or feel awkward when selling.) Page 36
  • A sneaky (and fun) way to "trick" your competition into doing your selling for you... and without them even knowing it! (Warning: This ONLY works for truly valuable products and services. Otherwise, it will backfire on you.) Page 72
  • A can't-lose way to "flip" angry prospects into your happiest and BEST paying customers. (One giant airline did this when a flight was delayed for several hours with people on board and had them loving the company within minutes.  Just do what's described on page 58.)
  • The "bumbler's advantage" persuasion phenomenon used by some of history's most effective salesmen, politicians, negotiators and lawyers.  Page 20
  • The simple trick (used all the time by professional con men) that makes it almost impossible for prospects to tell you "no." (And never fear, there's absolutely nothing even remotely unethical, illegal or immoral about doing this.) Page 38
  • The "un-sexy" secret of a trial lawyer who NEVER loses. (This man was once accused of "hypnotizing" a jury just for using this innocent, white hat tip found on page 12.)
  • A simple way to "spin" a prospect's rejection into multiple new sales. (Just say this when someone tells you "no" and you can potentially nab 2, 3, 5, even 10 extra sales.  You'll probably even start praying for "no's" after reading this!  See page 71.) 
  • A secret "2 second" trick for selling high ticket products and services to complete strangers. Page 26
  • The "Dear Abby" persuasion formula used by a few (very rich) marketers to slip past peoples' natural sales defenses. (Even works with people who automatically delete or ignore sales pitches on sight!) Page 79
  • How top door-to-door salesmen used to quickly and easily "neutralize" prospect sales resistance. (Also works on the Internet, too.) Page 68
  • How the guy once called "the most persuasive man of the 20th century" effortlessly sold Wall Street tycoons, political power players and even U.S. presidents on his products, services and ideas. Page 36
  • 7 simple words that almost force "hemmers & hawers" off the fence. (And, in many cases, choose to buy what you're selling!)
          Listen, have you ever dealt with a prospective customer or client who "hems and haws"—and won't give you a "yes" or "no" answer? 

          Sucks, doesn't it?

          Well, guess what?

          Just say the 7 words found on page 32 and watch even y
our most stubborn and procrastinating prospects jump off the fence and, in many cases...

Buy From You
On The Spot!

          It's just incredible how reliably this works—whether you're selling a product, trying to land a new client or even if you just want someone to make a decision (about anything).

          But we're just getting warmed up.

          Here are even MORE of the secret persuasion tips inside...
  • A sneaky way to sell more products with a WEAK sales pitch. Page 44
  • The best people to study if you want to learn the art and craft of selling as fast as humanly possible. (And without spending a single penny on any books, courses or seminars.) Page 81
  • The little-known persuasion secret behind how even complete "nobodies" are elected to public office. (And how to use this secret for almost anything you want to sell, too.) Page 55
  • A sneaky (but effective) way to "recruit" other sales and marketing pros to help YOU make more money. Page 73
  • How dirty politicians and their "henchmen" persuade people of power and influence to give them their money and votes. (And how to ethically use this same secret with your legitimate products.) Page 46
  • How to make MORE money from a prospect by NOT selling them anything. (This may sound bizarre, but it works like crazy almost every time. See page 8.)
  • When "positive thinking" can destroy your sales. (This is must-reading If you follow the teachings in "Think And Grow Rich" or "The Secret".) Page 85
  • A secret button on your telephone that's been proven to quickly, easily and sometimes dramatically increase sales. (Another bizarre tip. And it works especially well for people who HATE selling by phone!) Page 37
  • How certain politicians win millions of extra votes even when nobody trusts or likes them. (If you pay attention, you can see this subtle persuasion secret used every day on the news.) Page 86
  • The "ninja question" used by a certain real estate agent to routinely outsell his competitors. (Just ask your prospects this seemingly innocent question and watch what happens!) Page 16
  • The "squirmy question" secret of one the direct selling industry's top sales trainers. (Ideal for selling expensive products to cold prospects.) Page 69
  • A truly "no brainer" (yet almost always overlooked) way to get people looking FORWARD to hearing from you. (And many times even eager to buy from you.) Page 27
  • How to arrange it so instead of you trying to sell to your prospects... your prospects sell YOU on "letting" them buy.  (Master this and selling is "cake".) Page 21
  • The quickest way to "position" yourself as a trusted authority in your marketeven if nobody has ever heard of you before. Page 29
  • One (very simple) way cults persuade ordinary people to join their freaky organizations.  (Nothing "black hat" about it, either.  In fact, this was used by one of the most respected copywriters who ever lived to sell over 100 million dollars worth of products by mail order.  See page 25.)
  • How one of the world's top direct marketers uses an ordinary pocket watch to sell FAR more of his products than he would otherwise. (This may sound almost TOO simple, but it's spooky how easily this ramps up sales.) Pages 75-76
  • The "Harvard" secret of easy selling. (This powerful persuasion principle was discovered by a Harvard psychologist, and makes people up to 94% more likely to buy from you!) Page 39
  • How your "expert" status can HURT your sales!
          This is extremely important information.

          Fact is, millions of "for real" experts are broke, destitute and even starving today... while cons, hacks and pseudo experts are making out like bandits

          How is this happening?

          What's going on?

          The answer is pretty simple.  You see, the hacks and cons are using a very powerful and cheap "tool" (NOT the Internet) the experts are not using.  And if you are an expert in your niche, and want to keep yourself head and shoulders above everyone else (regardless of how much they advertise or how much money they have), then turn to page 22 and you can start using this exact same tool, too.

          And guess what?

          We're STILL not done. 

          Here are a few more of the easy and ethical sales tips you'll read about in Crackerjack Selling Secrets:
  • An almost fool proof way to eliminate "sticker shock" when selling high ticket products and services. Page 72
  • Every day "magic" words that make even hypey, over-the-top claims instantly believable. Page 64
  • Abraham Lincoln's long lost persuasion secret you will never read about in the history books. (Lincoln was one of history's great debaters and persuaders. Here's one of his best-kept secrets for winning over his rivals in politics and business.) Page 67
  • The exact best time to begin selling. (Back in the old days, a few smart door-to-door salesmen used this knowledge to 1.) Virtually eliminate rejection and 2.) Make LOTS more sales. Also works for getting raises at a job, too.  See page 23.)
  • The persuasion "mind candy" secret of the world's most respected (and feared) negotiator. (Works like gangbusters for persuading everyone from your neighbors or family members to big ego boardroom executives.)  Page 11.
  • A 100% "no hype" way to quickly stick out like a sore thumb in competitive markets. (Boardroom Books—one of the biggest direct mail companies in the world—made a fortune doing this. You can use it, too—see page 35.)
  • A secret way (almost nobody knows) to make sure you NEVER bore your prospect. (This was accidentally discovered by a grade school teacher to keep her hyper active kids calm and behaved. And it virtually guarantees you keep your prospect's undivided attention when selling in person, on the phone or even in an ad or sales letter.) Page 92
  • A controversial (yet dignified and tasteful) way to increase your sales by threatening your prospects' families. See page 43.
  • The secret of getting customers to "sell themselves" on buying from you. (No arguing, gimmicks or convincing necessary.) Page 49
  • How to prove your product is better than your competitor's without showing your prospects even a shred of proof. (Pepsi used this to corner the soft drink market. Here's how you can use it, too.) Page 44
  • How to use your prospect's natural desire to be lazy to sell him MORE products and services. Page 74
  • How to get total strangers to trust you right out the gate. Page 55
  • A blatantly "politically incorrect" persuasion secret (discovered by the late marketing genius Gary Halbert)... that reveals ALL of your prospect's unique emotional "hot buttons." Page 78
  • The single easiest way to win a prospect's trust ever invented. (Advertising legend David Ogilvy used this to dominate the super competitive advertising business in the 1960's. And it's shocking so few people use it today.) Page 19.
  • The right (and wrong) ways to use gut-wrenching fear in your sales pitches. Page 48
  • A "counter intuitive" sales tip (most people never think to do) that immediately gets customers WANTING to buy from you and ONLY you. Page 13
  • How to "recruit" your best customers to do all your selling for you. (And without paying them a penny in commission.) Page 63
  • How to use your prospect's skepticism to your advantage when selling to them. Page 91
  • And much, much more.
          Okay, that's a TASTE of what's in Crackerjack Selling Secrets.

          There are 101 chapters in all. 

          And, each one can help you sell FAR more products and services
—whether  you sell online, offline, in print (i.e. copywriting and advertising), belly-to-belly, on the phone and everything in between. (Including attracting someone of the opposite sex, getting a job, persuading your spouse or family on your ideas, etc).

          Anyway, here's the deal:

          Versions of this book have sold for as high as $97.00.

          But, if you download it today, it is only

          However, a word of warning:

There Is NO Money-Back Guarantee On This eBook
And All Sales Are Final.

          If that makes you nervous, don't buy it.

          If you don't trust it'll be a good product, don't buy it.

          And, if $37 is a big stretch on your budget, don't buy it.


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What Others Are Saying About

Crackerjack Selling Secrets...

“Excellent book”

-Ken McCarthy,
One Of The
"Founding Fathers"
Of Internet Marketing

“I Felt Depressed”

After I finished reading "Crackerjack Selling Secrets" I felt depressed. Why? Had I known some of this info when I started my sales and marketing career I would of been light years ahead. The Bernard Baruch and Jim Camp examples and Secret #3 are worth their weight in gold.

-John "Angel" Anghelache
   Direct response copywriter
who's clients include Gary Halbert,
Joe Vitale and Yanik Silver

“Too Busy Closing Sales
To Finish The Book”

I recently found myself unemployed and trying to make it work with offline marketing. I had no success selling any marketing services to anyone on Maui. The Maui local business owner can be a tough coconut to crack.

I found a local marketing promotion system I thought had good potential to work here on the island (it just has a Maui feel). The system is a mega postcard (9x12) with 8 ad spots on each side that you mail to 10,000 local residences. I hate cold walk-in selling and read "CrackeJack Selling Secrets" to  get me motivated and hoped I'd get a few tips.  Life stepped in a made it through a whopping 29 pages of the book before going out the next day to start selling.

We'll to much to my surprise (and my wife's) I filled all 16 spots in 7 days straight! I can directly attribute almost every sell to one of the core selling principles in those first 29 pages (no I didn't know ALL of them already).

Bottom line - get the book. I know I'll learn more from the other 80 or so pages... I've just been to busy closing sales to finish the book.

*Special note to skeptics - I didn't write this to "hype this book" - that's not the kinda guy I am - just wanted to share my experience and results with this material.

Maui Business Owner

 “Sales immediately went up”

Yesterday I used tip #6 to make 1 small, quick change to my website and sales immediately went up.  It was crazy. I didn't do anything different except that change.

P.S. As you know, I WANTED to give your book negative feedback for ripping my sales letter to shreds recently, but I really can't. It's perfect for someone like me. I was going to critique it, but instead got into it... so that says something!

-Rich Bryda
Best-Selling Author

“Bloody brilliant!”

Bloody brilliant! 

Dude, I learned so much from Crackerjack Selling Secrets and I want to use some of this stuff in my landing pages to try and increase optin-rates.

-Jim Yaghi
Computer Scientist
#1 Google AdWords Marketer in MLM


Wow! I LOVE your Cracker Jack Selling Secrets book, and as always, I learned some new things - some of which I never put my finger on before.

My favorite was #25, which I will consciously use now.

One particular "guru" could have used it on me and easily earned my $6,000 and respect, instead of my disgust and lost business.

-Gina Parris
Professional speaker
peak performance coach
to professional athletes,
market traders and entrepreneurs

“My eBay listings will be better now”

I enjoyed your book a LOT.
Short, easy lessons...I have absolutely NO critical suggestions and that is rare for me who sticks my nose in people's writing often when not even asked.
I think the wisest was using skepticism to our advantage. I bet my eBay listings will be better now that I understand that.

-Greg Perry
eBay Powerseller
world's most published author
of computer books

“Thought It Would Be Full Of
Some Herb Tarlick-y Sales Tactics”

I thought it would be full of some Herb Tarlick-y sales tactics, but was surprised to have that expectation instantly sh*t canned with secret #1.

The value you've shared within your ebook will not only help me sell more, it will help my clients get more value from me, even before they buy anything from me.

Now that is one awesome CrackerJack surprise.

-Anthony Sanna
Online Marketing Smarty Pants

“Comprehensive, Insightful, Concise
And Really Easy To Absorb”

The contents absolutely blew me away.

I've seen quite a bit of materials teaching marketers how to write copy and email, but this one is the MOST comprehensive, insightful, concise and really easy to absorb.

-Luke Lim

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And All Sales Are Final.)